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Hi there! i'm Squidpeople also call me disaster master and Cosmo

my socials are above. i'm not super super active but look at my stuff anyways! yaya!

i wanna form this like a q&a because just rambling on about myself is really boring

Favourite colour?
-my favourite colour is turquoise! (hex code #00FFFF) my second favourite colour is spanish pink (hex code #f7bfbe)
favourite food?
-my favourite food is sushi!
I like spicy sushi with eel sauce on it especially
favourite video game?
-if i were to narrow it down strictly my favourites are yoshi's island snes, mario and luigi gba, kirby super star ultra, sonic adventure 2, SSF2, and pokemon explorers of the sky
When is your birthday?
-my birthday is august 12th. for you zodiac freaks out there that means my star sign is leo the lion, so if you don't wanna be friends with me anymore i'm sorry i couldn't control when my parents wanted me to exist lmaooo
are you a boy or a girl?
-well... why do you wanna know? if you're looking for an excuse to harass me that's so cringe and a waste of your life span lmfao
favourite animal?
-foxes, axolotls, japanese martens, and red pandas <3
playstation or xbox??!
jokes aside I don't have a specific preference to either one development team. I have a ps2 along with a gamecube, n64, switch and a broken wii. I don't really feel a need to get any xbox games since all the ones I want can be emulated easily or have been ported to other platforms already. this is the same reason I couldn't be bothered to get a ps4 or ps5...
what are your pronouns?
he/him and it/its
favourite song?
-old 45s from chromeo
I am aroace
favourite pokemon?
-hmm tough question. i had a lot of favourites over the years, but my favourite pokemon have to be breloom, mimikyu, pichu, and appletun
favourite memories?
-I don't have that many good memories off the bat, but my most precious memories involve the days i'd turn on the computer and get engrossed in the early late 2000's internet. flash games, edgy youtube videos, websites that burn your eyes with clashing colours... and the days i'd spend my time on the gamecube playing games like smash bros melee, mario kart, mario sunshine, sonic adventure 1+2, and some others
best/favourite smash game?
I know I hype up melee all the time, and people usually see me play ultimate often, but my favourite smash game isn't even an official game! my favourite smash game is super smash flash 2 (SSF2). I remember when it was a small flash game i'd play in the library during lunch and now it's a full blown game with a moderately niche, really dedicated fanbase of all sorts of backgrounds and all sorts of experience. I grew up with SSF2 and it grew up alongside me and it introduced me to many people I wouldn't have met otherwise.
what's the text in that picture mean?
it's just a metaphor of my mindset when I was younger, how I liked the world that was the comfort of my room and games better than the outside world. I've grown out of this mindset, but I still love the little gadgets shown here~ they changed my life in a way I could never expect

hi, did you get all that? sorry i'm so boring hahai'm gonna contradict myself and talk about myself sorryI mean this stuff i feel like deserves it's own category(ignore the tuna watermark! I don't go by that alias anymore!)

i make stuff!!-i draw, make music and idk other shit I guess lmao-
sometimes i make stuff for snes games but they usually stay in prototype for months and months because i forget about them. if you go back to the start, you can support me on ko-fi so i can make more stuff! (more info coming up so stay put)
music samples below vv

I like to play on my switch a lot and just video games in general. so we can meet up in discord, friend each other and just have a grand ol' time

*alright i think that's it! thanks for visiting and listening to me since i don't usually talk about myself in full detail ah ha*you can find me on a few other sites not listed in the beginning, and sometimes I find new mmos and socials so i'll update this section over time. other than that i'll see you later and have a good day/evening!
-youtube: Maplewood (look for a waddle dee profile picture!)
-transformice forum: vibe0058#6890
-Manyland nickname: Cosmo
-SSF2 Nickname: Cosmic Squid
shitpost twitter: disaster_mastuh
Hive Social: cosmoakasquid
main ponytown character: sleepyšŸ’¤
NSMB M vs L. Alias: Squid (usually on US servers. please use ethernet.)
tik tok: i'd rather get stabbed in the foot

if you want to give me money for an art commission that's great! thank you for supporting me, but I ask you now
do not ask for NSFW content, or be rude in DMs. I have full rights to deny any requests you may have. commissions are not expensive, do not ask me to lower the price, if you do that to me, let alone other artists with low prices you're a cheapskate. by the way, don't be shy about inquiries or letting me know there's an issue with the payment, i'll try to fix it as soon as I can
another thing, you can use my discord or instagram dms for requests,. don't be too mad if I don't respond right away